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Karndean & Amtico Cleaning Services 

You have made a great deal of investment in your flooring choice. Karndean & Amtico flooring is both hardwearing & looks amazing & with correct care will last for years...Many people dont use the correct methods of cleaning & cause damage & some can be permanent.

Correct methods & process must be used to keep your flooring looking wonderful & cared for ...

We offer a full Karndean & Amtico cleaning & restoration service in Sunderland Durham & throughout the Tyne & Wear area

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Hello my name is Steve Swinney & I am the owner & operator of Got2Bclean floor care-Restoration .

Based is Sunderland, I am a local floor care specialist & offer my personal service 100% of the time..

From your very first phone call or email to me myself carrying out the cleaning & restoration itself..

I have a personal invested interest in giving you the customer the good old fashioned customer service

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My first process is to give the floor a full inspection for any permanent damage & then check for GLUE LIFT 

A full dry sweep & vacuum is then carried out to remove any loose dust & grit that would scratch & spoil the finished floor.

The full floor is then given a good clean using a PH neutral floor cleaner & then this is removed via my high vacuum system.

Next the flooring top sealer is stripped using a specialist floor machine, this will remove marks & scratches 

I then vacuum the full floor to remove the stripper

Then again the floor is fully washed to remove any traces of stripper ready to apply sealer.

I then wait until the the floor is fully dry & an inspection is made to check for any problem areas

The first coat of sealer is then applied & takes around 30 min to dry

The second coat is then applied & if needs be a 3rd coat.

I offer the standard Satin finish or a high shine finish ......The choice is yours & samples are available

Please dont hesitate to get in touch for any advice you need to care for your flooring

Kindest Regards Steve Swinney

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