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Dry carpet cleaning offers many advantages over the traditional hot water extraction methods. Your carpets are ready to walk on when we leave in most cases & others can take around only 30 min before you can use . The machines are like nothing you can hire & are designed by professionals for professionals . The chemicals we use are child & pet safe & contain no detergents.......Safer for you & the environment  

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Carpet Dry Cleaning

Natural plant carpets are composed of fine fibres, such as jute, hemp, sisal, sea grass or coir, and it is most likely to be damaged if cleaned with water-based methods. Regular hoovering may eliminate general dust and grime, but rapid humidity fluctuations, such as all those typical of the weather in Sunderland, may cause serious threat of mould and rot development on your natural fibre carpets, thus endangering your health and comfort. In case of a damp stain, take immediate action to absorb the moisture with a soft cloth and instantly call for our carpet cleaning,  for a professional dry carpet cleaning.

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 In contrary to other carpet cleaning methods, dry carpet cleaning utilizes the power of a fine chemical compound, while diminishing any dampening. This is why dry carpet cleaning is by far the best recognized method for both regular and emergency treatment of your natural fibre carpets. When on site, our dry carpet cleaning service Sunderland will deeply hoover the flooring, detaching dirt stuck to the fabric. A pre-spray is applied (light mist). The carpet is then sprinkled with damp soft powder, which is both a strong dirt solvent and a harmless biodegradable product.

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 How we carry out your carpet cleaning depends on the level of soiling on the carpet. Powder is rubbed into the surface by a special dry carpet cleaning machine. It absorbs soil and odours, and is then vacuumed back from the carpet, leaving the textile free of grime, mites, mould or rot. Freshly cleaned areas are deodorized and a Scotchgard stain protector may be sprayed upon customer request. As no water is applied, you can enjoy walking on your carpet right away. We also use the latest encapsulation carpet cleaning methods on very badly soiled areas.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Service 
We also offer a carpet steam cleaning service using our top of the range carpet cleaning hot water extraction machines
This method gives outstanding results on deep down dirt & grime that are within your carpet fibre.


Got2Bclean Carpet Cleaning Sunderland choose only the best, non-toxic solutions as we care to create a pleasant and healthy environment at your home or office.

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Stain removal Service

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